Client:   Private Client

Contract:  Lump Sum AS2124 - 1992


As head contractor, Civilcon was responsible for the complete construction of the 3 storey office and retail building. Fit-out work, although not in the contract, was carried out before completion and was co-ordinated with Civilcon to reduce the overall timeframe for occupancy.


The 2700sqm building is constructed with a concrete frame and pre-cast concrete tilt panel walls. The 3rd level is framed with structural steel and clad with Comtex and Exotec sheeting. The building also has an internal water storage tank and pumps for fire fighting requirements. The three levels are serviced by two stair wells and an elevator. Civilcon completed all of the concrete, tilt-panels and carpentry trades ‘in-house’. 


Several challenges during construction were overcome, including the following:

  • The building occupies all four boundaries of the inner city block which is positioned on a busy intersection.
  • Safe pedestrian access was maintained around the site at all times during construction.
  • The 52 pre-cast concrete tilt panels, some up to 13m high, were all cast on site.
  • The suspended slabs, up to 250m3, were completed in one pour.

Design: MCG Architects Pty Ltd    Superintendent: MCG Architects Pty Ltd